F Magazine - Celebrating Female Success

F Magazine - Celebrating Female Success


F Magazine featured Dr Alison Jamieson to celebrate her success in the cosmetic medicine industry and to share the aliangé skincare story. View the original article here...


Dr Alison Jamieson, founder and director of aliangé skincare, has specialised in cosmetic medicine for over 25 years. In that time, she has designed a line of skincare products suited to the Australian climate.


Her success has always been attributed to the satisfaction of her clients. Alison and her team have constantly challenged traditional beliefs, and stayed at the forefront of professional and technical developments to get to where they are today. Her motives are to provide compassionate solutions to the concerns of her clients in a professional and ethical fashion.


Alison was born and raised in sun-drenched Australia. She grew up with the lifestyle of beaches and equestrian farm life while balancing busy work life in the corporate sphere. She spent many years developing the aliangé skincare range with some of the best formulators in the country. For decades she has been able to assist her clients with their multitude of skin concerns, all of whom have wanted skin that reflects the health and vitality of youthful skin.


The aliangé skincare solutions are formulated on evidence-based science and are developed with the highest standards. The end result is a product line developed for all skin types, including sensitive, oily, acne-prone skin, skin in need of hydration, and anti-aging support. These skincare products protect against a wide range of factors that cause damage to the skin, including UV damage, free-radical damage, oxidative damage, and chemical damage. The aliangé skincare routine is simple and logical to understand and importantly, it doesn’t break the bank.


aliangé skincare is made and manufactured in Australia. It contains proven active ingredients, Australian botanicals, and marine extracts. Dr Jamieson’s personal philosophies regarding animal cruelty and testing, harmful fillers, harsh chemicals, parabens, synthetic dyes, and fragrance are reflected in her skincare brand.  All ingredients are non-genetically modified and environmentally sustainable.