A Message From Dr Alison Jamieson - September Update

A Message From Dr Alison Jamieson - September Update

Spring is officially here. As I mentioned in my last newsletter it’s important this to year to focus on things in our control, because there is so much out of our control right now. With that I get overwhelmed with joy to hear how many of my beautiful clients cherish their aliangé routines at the moment and how much pleasure it brings them while everything else is a bit glum. It’s the small things more than ever at the moment.


September is already here and it's heating up, which naturally feels a bit more festive even if we are locked down, hopefully not for too much longer for my Melbourne clients. With the season change and the warmer months on the horizon, our skin has different needs and requirements.


In winter you may notice your skin is more prone to dryness and irritation. The cold temperatures and low humidity causes this (and that’s just touching the surface of what winter can do to the skin). However, as it warms up, the increase in temperature combined with the humidity can increase the activity of the sebaceous glands, making the skin more oily. The intensity of the Australian sun can also lead to sun damage, more melanin pigments and dehydration of the skin.


So, let’s learn about what aliangé products you should be using this spring/summer to keep everything in check. I have made a list of my summer essentials, follow the link under each product to learn more.


Fun Fact! Did you know that the difference between SPF15 and SPF50 is only about 2%? Why SPF15? SPF (sun protection factor) refers to the sunscreen's ability to block ultraviolet B rays. An SPF15 blocks 94% of rays compared to SPF30 which blocks 97% of rays.


However, when it comes to sun protection, more is more so I do recommend applying an SPF50 on top if outdoors all day, especially in the Australian sun, while still reaping all the benefits of our day cream underneath.

These products will certainly counter-act the negative effects summer can have on your skin. However if you want to make it easy for yourself and let us do the choosing- simply purchase a Purity or Revitalise kit which will have you completely covered. All four products in these kits play different roles on prevention, protection and treatment (damage control).


Remember the Revitalise range is developed for all skin types but specifically catering to those requiring additional moisture and anti ageing support. The Purity range is developed for all skin types but specifically formulated for sensitive, acne or oily prone skin.


If you do choose to let us do the hard work for you, we are currently including a complimentary anti-ageing masque, which has advanced moisture complex, softening the skin immediately after application, and strengthening the skin barrier, with any two products or kit purchase. Learn more