A Message From Dr Alison Jamieson - What's On In September

A Message From Dr Alison Jamieson - What's On In September


Spring is upon us and the warmer weather is already here with the promise of more  sunshine and longer days. A timely reminder to reiterate the importance of sunscreen use.


A world first study led by the University of Sydney has found that Australians aged 18-40 who were regular users of sunscreen in childhood reduced their risk of developing melanoma by 40% compared to those who rarely used sunscreen. Despite decades of science and education, sunscreen compliance is low with almost 50% of respondents experiencing one or more sunburns in the previous year. Less than 20% of Australians use sunscreen daily and 85% did not apply sufficient amounts of sunscreen.


51% of consumers surveyed admit that they don’t wear a primary sunscreen every day because of the aesthetic impacts. Aesthetics are therefore the gateway to good sunscreen compliance - daily use, reapplication and amount applied. Sunscreens need to provide broad spectrum protection and according to patient's preferences, must be non-greasy, feel just right, absorb just right, not be sticky or tacky and be non-irritating.


We are confident that the aliangé skincare day protection creams meet this strict criteria of outstanding aesthetics and encourage you to get into the daily habit of protecting your most precious organ, the skin! Because after all the skin weighs twice as much as the brain!


Signing off with some happy photos of time spent with my colleagues this month in Sydney learning and expanding our knowledge and skills to the next possible level.


A few of my favourite quotes to remind you to remember to apply your sunscreen and to nurture your mind and heart!


Your values become your destiny - Mahatma Gandhi

Folks are usually as happy as they make their minds up to be - Abraham Lincoln

Happiness is not something you postpone for the future, it is something you design for the present - Jim Rohn