MD Codes Australian Tour with Dr Mauricio De Maio & Beauty Decoded Live Event

MD Codes Australian Tour with Dr Mauricio De Maio & Beauty Decoded Live Event


This has been a very valuable month for learning and sharing knowledge in the field of skincare and aesthetic beauty.



I spent four days in Sydney at the MD Codes Australian Tour under the tutorage of world-renowned Brazilian plastic surgeon, Dr Mauricio De Maio and I was lucky enough to be on the Australian Medical Institute Faculty, so I was mentored by him closely.



The week of learning culminated in ‘Beauty Decoded Live.’ This is an event organised by Allergan Training Institute and Vogue Australia at the Hilton Hotel in Sydney which brings together beauty enthusiasts to educate about the importance of seeking professional advice on skin, different cosmetic treatments and the importance of having professional guidance from a specialist in the field when considering undertaking any cosmetic treatments or procedures. I was privileged to be invited as a medical aesthetic expert at this event to share my knowledge and professional expertise in the field.




The night was hosted by Erin Holland, Australian singer and former Miss World Australia and after guests heard from myself and fellow skincare and aesthetic beauty specialists, they were able to explore and experience even more by trialling a range of beauty treatments at the event. Attendees also had the chance to customise their very own skincare and beauty plan.


Bringing this knowledge to my own aliangé skincare clients, I am constantly thrilled to transform lives by restoring beautiful skin and empowering people with choices based on not only science and beauty, but most importantly trust. Thank you all for your continuing support of aliangé skincare.