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A Message From Dr Alison Jamieson - March Update

February closed on a leap year adding one last summer day to our hot and very rainy month. What a miracle to see the grass long, dams full and know that all our fires are now under control as we lead into a glorious Autumn ahead.


My month was very busy at Central Dermatology Clinic working with Dr Sanders to assist clients with a wide range of dermatologic and aesthetic concerns. Due to her insight and careful planning to set up this incredible clinic we are able to offer the latest state-of-the-art solutions for routine and more difficult dermatology concerns. In addition to my skin and injectable treatments, my clients also have access to the latest laser and light technology including broad band light, erbium fractional and laser resurfacing. We also have the latest photoacoustic Pico laser - phototherapy utilising narrowband uVA and uVB light, Wira, Heal lite and photodynamic therapy. Giving access to  treatment plans  for any skin concern or aesthetic need is a gift as a doctor and it is a joy to  see this translate into improved quality of life and confidence for my clients.


Even with all these technological advances, the importance of a good skincare routine is key to improving skin health. No matter what the treatment plan may be, I spend a great deal of time educating clients about their daily skincare routine. All skin is different but there are fundamental principles that apply. Skin needs protection during the day and to be able to repair at night. Depending on skin type, we help you choose the actives and formulas appropriate for the skin concern, whether you need treatment for acne, anti-ageing or sensitive skin. Daily skincare is equivalent to our daily exercise (our ten thousand steps) and the in-clinic treatments are equivalent to cross training (if non ablative/no interruption to lifestyle) or running a marathon (if ablative/requiring a recovery time). Skin is a trainable organ and you may benefit from having a personal trainer to help you love the skin you are in.


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