A Message From Dr Alison Jamieson - January Update

A Message From Dr Alison Jamieson - January Update


I have just returned from a whirlwind time in Los Angeles, where I had meetings with many inspirational people in the cosmeceutical industry over the last ten days.


I was happy to hear the aliangé skincare brand is becoming better known and respected in Los Angeles and New York since our launch a couple of years ago.  We have continued collaborating with a number of key personnel in the industry, both in Australia and USA to establish a wider distribution of the aliangé skincare range, so we look forward to an exciting year ahead.


The key factors for success lie in the fundamental constructs that inspired the creation of aliangé skincare. Most important of all, with correct prescription the products deliver tangible improvement in skin quality. I have carefully selected the ingredients for these medical grade formulations after many years of helping my patients with their dermatological needs. These cover a wide variety of skin concerns which include sensitive skin, dermatitis, acne and the spectrum of skin rejuvenation and anti-ageing needs.


The underlying philosophy of aliangé skincare is based on our criteria that we formulate and manufacture our products in Australia, that they are derived from botanical and marine extracts, are cruelty free and contain no harsh chemicals. This aligns with my fundamental philosophy of health, it has to be from outside in and inside out! We need to nuture and treat ourselves with quality products and trust in your product and practitioner is vital. Because of this approach, we receive many nice messages from our clients who are thrilled with the transformation in their skin and the improvement in their quality of life and confidence.


Despite all the magic days away, our final weekend was shrouded in the inexplicable tragedy of the helicopter crash in Los Angeles -the sense of national grief transcended any possibility of celebration in the Hollywood Hills even with the Grammys on.


The tenacity of human nature to push on and make sense of all these recent tragic events  must lie in the hope that uniting in love and kindness will somehow have an ability to transcend all our fears and sadness. Our hearts go out to all the families and friends of those who ever suffer loss and sorrow and hope that something we do in our daily lives brings some sense of peace or purpose in its wake.