A Message From Dr Alison Jamieson - June Update

Alison Jamieson


It’s been another huge month in the dermatologic world for me and like everyone is reflecting, time is travelling far too quickly this year! It’s the first month of winter already so for many clients it's the perfect time to correct their skin from the effects of the long summer months. It is a blessing that I can assist my patients with all their cosmetic and dermatologic concerns now as I am working full-time at Central Dermatology Clinic Maroochydore under the incredible mentorship of Dr Christina Sander. Her knowledge of dermatology is matched by her compassion for her client’s individual needs, so each day I leave work knowing we have made our patient’s lives far better by assisting with the myriad of skin concerns that come our way.
Having healthy skin has a profound effect on people’s wellbeing, so correcting aesthetic and pathological skin concerns for clients is vital. The basis to understanding skin begins with education, so a huge part of our day is spent informing our clients about the basis of their skincare concerns and how to treat and manage problems to achieve the goal of radiant comfortable skin.
Good skin care is paramount and that forms the basis of many of our consultations. We offer advice about prescriptive medications and appropriate technology available, and using laser and light means we can tailor solutions for most skin concerns. Detection of skin cancer and melanoma is a priority and so another timely reminder to ensure you have had a recent full skin examination and are preventing skin cancer by application of sunscreen daily and always wearing protective clothing, hats and sunglasses in this glorious tropical paradise that we are blessed to call home.
This month we are thrilled to announce the addition of a new team member, Tegan, who can be found at the aliangé Skincare Store at 49 The Esplanade, Maroochydore, Monday to Friday to answer all of your aliangé skincare queries. She has a wealth of experience in business and marketing and in her first month with us has surpassed all expectations. My business partner and daughter Kate (who many of you have met) is currently in Los Angeles doing creative brand campaigns for aliangé skincare and liaising with our loyal clients there.