Protect your skin from irritants

Protect your skin from irritants

With everything that's going on, your skin is being exposed to more mental, physical and environmental irritants than usual from the cold weather, added daily stress and wearing protective face masks or increased use of sanitiser.


It's so important to protect your skin against these irritants and to repair damage to keep your skin in the best possible health. All these added irritations can cause higher levels of excess oil production and increased acne and breakouts.


Oil secretion on the face is increased when temperature rises - when your breath is trapped under a mask - or the constant contact with your face can cause contact dermatitis, redness or dry and sensitive skin.


To reduce these impacts on your skin, it's absolutely essential to cleanse daily in the morning and at night and exfoliate 1-3 times a week as needed. Follow with your regular skincare routine and add a masque for added protection.


The Probiotic Masque is developed to protect and shield from pathogens, calms acne and rosacea, kills bad bacteria, nurtures the growth of good flora, soothes at a cellular level and anti-ages through the production of collagen.