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Transforming Exfoliator
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Transforming Exfoliator

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Patient​ ​Benefits

  • A daily exfoliator combining glycolic & lactic acids (both part of the alpha hydroxy acid or AHA family) with two types of natural Jojoba beads for polishing and exfoliating to help remove dead skin cells, impurities and unblock pores
  • Encourages skin cell turnover and regeneration of the epidermis reducing fine lines, wrinkles and oiliness of the skin
  • Botanical blend of Vitamin E Complex, Licorice Extract and Rosehip Oil providing soothing and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Natural Jojoba beads minimizes trauma and microscopic tears on the skin
  • Promotes healthy radiant skin 

Need To Know

  • Exfoliation helps ensure the skin is balanced and eliminates built-up skin cells, unblocks clogged pores, stops breakouts, smooths out wrinkles and makes dry skin feel hydrated and nourished again
  • Importance for Acne/Breakout prone skin: Alpha hydroxy acid helps to dry up comedones and causes the top layer of the skin to peel
  • Importance for Ageing skin: As we age our natural cell regeneration tends to slow down hence daily exfoliation helps ensure cell regeneration
  • Best used with an SPF 15 Day Cream as the AHA content of the Exfoliator will increase photosensitivity (susceptibility to UV light)
  • Microbead free, natural Jojoba beads provide superior mechanical exfoliation functions
  • Contains the natural botanical Jojoba

Key​ ​Ingredients

Glycolic​ ​&​ ​Lactic​ ​Acid

Lactic acid functions as a keratolytic which thins the epidermis and causes it to loosen and shed removing excess skin and imperfections. Glycolic acid works to weaken the lipids of the dead skin cells allowing exfoliation of the stratum corneum reducing appearance of wrinkles, scarring and fine lines. 

Soothing​ ​&​ ​Anti-Inflammatory​ ​Properties

A complex blend of Rosehip oil, Vitamin E Complex and Licorice Extract provide soothing and anti-inflammatory support to the skin. Rosehip oil absorbs deep into the epidermis and is rich in betacarotene and lycopene, both known for their anti-inflammatory properties. Vitamin E complex reduces redness and irritation (perfect for those with acne or breakout prone skin). Licorice Extract & glycyrrhetic acid provide soothing, regenerative & antioxidant properties.

Jojoba​ ​Beads

Jojoba Beads are derived from the jojoba plant. The Jojoba oil is converted to a solid wax and molded into spherical beads with smooth edges which minimize trauma and microscopic tears on the skin whilst providing a gentle exfoliation. The beads provide both polishing and exfoliating properties. Jojoba Beads are also biodegradable and far safer than traditional outlawed plastic microbeads.

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