Skin Barrier Creams

Skin Barrier Creams



What Is The Skin Barrier?


The skin barrier is formed by the outermost layer of the skin, called the stratum corneum, containing the protein keratin and corneocytes (dead skin cells) held together by a lipid intercellular matrix. This barrier serves to protect the body and prevent water loss.


Damage to the skin barrier, due to conditions such as dermatitis, leads to transepidermal water loss, increased sensitivity to contact irritants and allergens and inflammation.


What Is A Barrier Cream?


A barrier cream is a product applied directly to the skin’s surface to help maintain the physical barrier, providing protection from environmental factors, irritants and preventing the skin from drying out. aliangé skincare formulates barrier products in the form or serums, face creams and masques.


What Are The Ingredients In Barrier Creams?


Ingredients in conventional skin barrier creams can be classified as either occlusive or humectants. Some products have a combination of both. Occlusive ingredients are insoluble in water, such as petroleum jelly, silicone or dimethicone and zinc oxide. Humectants increase the skin’s ability to hold onto water such as glycerine, sorbitol, urea, seaweed extract, hyaluronic acid and alpha hydroxy acids.


Petroleum-based products are more effective at reducing transepidermal water loss and keeping the skin hydrated. Silicone/dimethicone barrier creams are less greasy and may be preferred aesthetically. Novel barrier creams contain additional ingredients to promote healing of the skin barrier, such as ceramides and vitamin B3, which reduce transepidermal water loss and keep the skin hydrated. This promotes repair of the skin barrier by stimulating the production of lipids in the skin.


What Are The Risks Of Using Barrier Creams?


Barrier creams are usually very well tolerated. Although uncommon, some people may suffer from allergies to components such as preservatives, fragrances, and other ingredients in barrier creams. Some occlusive barrier creams may also aggravate acne when applied to the face. Most barrier creams should not be applied directly to broken skin.


aliangé skincare products use skin compatible amino acids & natural moisturising ingredients such as Jojoba Bean to support the barrier functions of the stratum corneum. This retains hydration levels and prevents drying out of the skin even after rinsing off, leaving the skin smooth and moisturised.