Prescription of aliangé skincare involves the application of 2 products in the morning and 2 products in the evening- based on your skin type! 


From this the 2 + 2  Protect and Repair routine was born. 

  The protect and repair routine protects against free radical damage and UV light, repairs any damage, assists skin conditions and promotes cell turnover.


You will notice we have a sun or a moon, a sun and a moon, and then the numbers 1 or 2. This is to provide our clients with a guide to the best way to use the aliangé products. It’s pretty simple! If you see a sun, use it in the morning. Use number 1 first followed by number 2. If you see a moon, use it in the evening! 1 then 2. If you see a sun and a moon- use it all day long! 


The first step in the aliangé AM routine is either the Biocinamide serum or Jellyfish Peptide X Antioxidant Serum. The second step in the morning is an SPF cream- either the Soothing Day Cream SPF 15 or Anti-Aging Day Cream SPF 15.


The first step in the aliangé PM routine is a choice between the Brightening serum, Jellyfish Peptide X Antioxidant serum or Biocinamide serum. The second step in the evening is the Ultimate A Night Cream + as well as whatever Dr Jamieson may prescribe for you. 


Once you’ve got your 2 + 2, you can then enhance your skincare routine with the Rejuvenating Eye Cream and the Probiotic or Anti-Pollutant Masque!  


Ensure your skin is cleansed with Daily Devotion Cleanser prior to your morning and night routine and exfoliate with the Transforming Exfoliator three times a week.