Dr. Alison Jamieson

MBBS FRACGP Dip Derm, Cosmetic Medicine Aesthetic Doctor and Trainer, Graduate Diploma in Dermatology Monash University, Allergan Medical institute Faculty, Founder of aliangé skincare and aliangé skinclinics

With over 30 years specialising in cosmetic medicine Dr Alison Jamieson knows only too well that we all want our skin to be the best it can be, regardless of our age.

After graduating from Medicine at the University of Queensland in 1985, Dr. Jamieson spent four years training at Royal Brisbane and Wesley hospitals before she obtained her fellowship in general practice. Here she developed a keen interest in dermatology but was captivated by the emerging aesthetic medical sciences and attended the first laser conference in Melbourne in 1994. It was at this early inception of the evolution of the aesthetic medicine field that she was captivated, and it has been her specialty ever since.

Dr Jamieson has dedicated her life to cosmetic medicine and has worked full time in the nonsurgical aspect of cosmetic dermatology for more than three decades.

In her early twenties, Dr. Jamieson opened her first medical aesthetic practice and from there, built a successful chain of pioneer premier medispa clinics, COZmedics (The Australian Cosmetic Medical Group ) whose success was based on the provision of excellence in patient outcomes. COZmedics was sold to a large equity group in 2017 but Dr Jamieson’s commitment to her patients has never waned.

In addition to her business commitments, Dr. Jamieson has remained a faculty member of Allergan Medical Institute and has been a trainer in advanced injectable techniques for over 15 years. She regularly attends national and international educational events to ensure she remains at the forefront of aesthetic dermatology skillsets.

Born and raised in sun-drenched Australia, loving the lifestyle of the beaches and her equestrian farm life, while balancing a busy work-life, Dr. Jamieson has spent many years developing the aliangé skincare range with some of the best formulators in the country. For decades she has been able to assist her patients with their skin concerns, all of whom share the common goal of having skin reflective of health and vitality.

Dr. Jamieson now operates aliangé SKINCLINICS in Maroochydore where her and her team focus on the provision of non-surgical solutions for aesthetic facial and skin rejuvenation.  She does this using the most advanced injectable techniques, laser and light-based devices and quality skincare that leave her clientele looking and feeling great about the skin they are in.

Dr Jamiesons’ approach to medicine and business success has always been dependent on patient satisfaction, so she and her team constantly challenge beliefs, remain curious, and stay at the forefront of professional and technical developments. Her values are based around the provision of compassionate solutions to a patient’s concerns in a professional and honourable way.


 The evolution of aliangé (pronounced ali-arng-eh)

While practicing in cosmetic medicine for the past three decades it become apparent to Dr Jamieson that to achieve outstanding outcomes for a client’s skin goals, a high-quality medical-grade skincare range, with a simple regime at an affordable price, was a prerequisite.

After searching for, and trialling, the best cosmeceutical ranges, available on the market at the time, it was clear no single brand had all the desired ingredients or an easy-to-understand approach. The importance of educating her clients according to their individual needs, and knowing the desired ingredients were safe and of a high quality meant the aliangé skincare range had to meet very high standards.

Over many years the best formulators in Australia were consulted as this high quality medical-grade skincare range was brought to life.

Importantly the products needed to be Australian made, cruelty-free, environmentally sustainable, safe and effective and not contain any synthetic or harmful fillers.

Wanting to remain as natural as possible and also pay homage to our heritage natural botanicals and marine extracts are used in our products.

A formula based on the foundations of friendship

The name aliangé is a dedication to Dr Jamieson’s medical friendships over the decades.

Dr Jamieson’s two best friends, both doctors named Angela or Ange for short, have had a great impact in shaping the course of her life both professionally and personally, so the name was born out of respect and love.

The aliangé name underpins the ethos and philosophy behind the aliangé brand- a synergy reflecting the values of medical professionalism, long-term trust and loyalty. 

A bit more about Dr Jamieson

Dr Jamieson’s love for Australia is balanced by her global adventures that are deeply rooted in her family upbringing. Her father was a professor of zoology and her mother a teacher and the head of English literature and languages which meant her upbringing was mixed with international travel and cultural experiences from a very early age.

Academia and love for aesthetics and beauty was a seed planted very early and the transition to medicine became the means to continue and combine her passions.

Dr Jamieson’s love of medicine as an evidence-based science provides her with never-ending learning opportunities at national and international conferences and allows her pass on her hard-earned skills through giving back and teaching.

Sharing patient stories and demonstrating the effects of good aesthetic outcomes and improved quality of life is what motivates Dr Jamieson every day. 

It is these combined life experiences that have coalesced into the philosophy behind aliangé skincare and can be summed up as striving to always continuously improve, self-care, wonder and respect for all living things. 


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